Sunday, April 25, 2010


Quokka is a strong, dynamic surf brand specifically marketed towards males of the Generation Y surfing culture.

Quokka celebrates the beautiful Australian coastlines, spectacular beaches and surfing hotspots. This is reflected in a logo with clean fluid lines that represent rolling waves in a distinguishable letter Q.

Tying in with a love of the ocean, Quokka supports environmental consciousness. With this in mind, bamboo will be the base material used for all of the products e.g. clothing and surfboards. Flower images are used to represent the beauty of our unspoilt environment.

Surfing has many sub-cultures and surfers often become territorial about their specified surfing locations – this often causes conflict in the water. The brand - Quokka rejects this type of behavior and supports surfing as an inclusive leisure sport that welcomes all unique cultures and traditions. No matter where a surfer comes from they are all bound by their hunt for the perfect wave and their love of the ocean.

The inspiring theme will be skeletons. This will highlight an indirect statement of non-racism and acceptance of all people within the surfing culture. Although surfing is very competitive amongst many individuals, surfing in Australian oceans are open to everyone.

All of Quokka designs will be marketed towards free surfers incorporating the bright colours of yellow, red, green, orange, purple and blue with the style influence of Pop-Art (brightness and accessibility to all). The most popular surfing season is clearly summer however as the Australia climate is perfect for water sports most of the year round, so bright colours will be used for summer, spring and autumn.

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