Friday, April 30, 2010

Huey - Surfwear with soul

Huey is a new and unique brand of socially and environmentally conscious surfwear developed specifically for Generation Y and Generation X males who see surfing as a spiritual activity and a soulful way of life, rather than as a competitive sport. This market captures the cheekiness of the Aussie larrikin, while holding deep respect for the planet, for Australia’s indigenous culture, and for each other. The brand uses sustainable and Australian-grown certified organic materials for their products such as hemp for clothing, and bamboo for boards. A percentage of Huey profits go to supporting an Indigenous employment program which provides opportunities for disadvantaged young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. These uniquely Australian features will enhance the potential for exportation into other countries.

The brand will use light-hearted, but thought-provoking imagery as part of its visual identity to create a visual representation of Huey, God of the Surf. The character of Huey will be created using a fusion of Aboriginal and Pacific Islander markings and the Western idea of the ‘bearded man in the sky’. Having a god-like character attached to the brand will allow for the use of slogans such as “Huey, save our souls”, “Huey, hear our prayer” in various marketing activities, and will also provide another form of brand recognition in addition to the Huey logo.

Huey’s visual identity is inspired by Indigenous Australian art and culture, incorporating their use of colour (earthy pallets and vibrant nature-inspired highlights), facial markings and headdress. Other stylistic influences include street art, stencil art, tribalism, weather symbols and contemporary illustration.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

POST2 : STACY resources

A couple of years ago we ran a surf skate snow design course at Kingy. During that time I collected many bookmarks . I have put a copy of the brief in my public drive with all the bookmarks at the end of brief. There were far too many to print out on the brief that I handed out in class.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fall Line

I have chosen the name 'Fall Line' which will be for a surf brand with a target market of older, environmentally and socially conscious males. I imagine the market for this brand will be the relaxed spiritually and politically aware Byron type who sees surfing as something akin to meditation and connection with nature.

Surfing as a religion has been explored by people like Nat Young and Bron Taylor. After researching their writing, perhaps I will incorporate some of their concepts into this brand.

Due to the market and the preferences of the client it is important that the clothing for this brand be locally made, and will use environmentally safe materials.

The brand will focus on Spring and Summer Clothes and the colours will be calm and neutral, creating a point of difference in a market where bright colours often dominate. The neutral colours will also balance out some bold environmental slogans which may be incorporated into T'shirt designs. These messages will address environmental issues, particulary in relation to the ocean; Global Warming, Ocean Acidification, Whaling, Marine Parks, Over Fishing, Oil Spills and Ocean pollution, etc.

Symbols used may include Whales, Planets and Australian Coastal Trees like Casurinas and Sheoaks. Other symbolism created from photographs taken at the coast.

Style influences will include Contemporary Drawing, Botanical Illustrations, Permaculture, Contemporary 'green' design (from various products and magazines like 'Green Pages' and Festival design.

Fallline - Nicky

Surfers choose to be as close to their environment as possible – to be immersed in it, to play in it, to celebrate its forms and freedoms. Not many people get to connect with nature this closely. For this reason we believe surf clothing should be similarly conscious of the environment.

Fallline produces a range of environmentally friendly surf wear for women in tune with themselves and nature. We use only organic cotton, soy and bamboo fibres to reduce water usage and eliminate chemical waste. Low-impact fiber-reactive dyes are used creating less waste water runoff and therefore a lower impact on the environment.

Fallline appeals to generation X women who are interested in mind, body, spirit balance and who wish to live a connected, peaceful life. Our target market is likely to practice yoga, visit naturopaths, buy organic food and make environmentally driven choices in day to day life.

Choosing Fallline is not a radical ‘anti’ statement but simply a natural and effortless move towards sustainable living. It is the choice of the conscious consumer wishing to live in grace with the world. It is the holistic choice for surf clothing.

The style is sporty but feminine, graceful and elegant. Images used are simple but beautiful and inspired by Chinese ink drawings and nature. This season’s range is autumn and the key colours used are charcoal, indigo, olive, cream and occasional scarlet.

The ripples of your decisions in life touch everything around you. Choose kindly.

Cien: Surf Brand - ANTACID


  • an agent that counteracts or neutralizes acidity (especially in the stomach)
  • An antacid is any substance, generally a base or basic salt, which counteracts stomach acidity. In other words, antacids are stomach acid neutralizer
Subculture: Surfing

Gender: Male

Directed market: Gen Y

Season: Summer

Colour Palette: Colours created by a wave.
- colours will be selected out of this photo-

  • wave
  • ant
Social Views: Antacid is a neutralizer

Define Neautralize
  • neutralize - make politically neutral and thus inoffensive; "The treaty neutralized the small republic"
  • neutralize - make ineffective by counterbalancing the effect of; "Her optimism neutralizes his gloom"; "This action will negate the effect of my efforts"
  • neutralize - counteract: oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions; "This will counteract the foolish actions of my colleagues"
This could be portrayed and used throughout that brand politically or socially, with quotes, meaningful imgaes and icons agianst people that create problems throughout the world such as war, and terrorism.

It also brings to mind;

"don't worry be happy"
& "The glass is half full" & "Make Love not war"

Inspiring themes:
  • Beach
  • positive
  • happiness
  • wellbeing

Penny: Quokka

Australia has a relatively young snow scene and is therefore a relatively open market. Internationally this market is already well tapped into, even the less popular demographic of 5-15 yrs girls. However with the recent Olympic's win and the huge increase in popularity of the sport, particularly in this demographic, the target market for the product will be snowboarding girls between the ages of 5 and 15.
With the relatively small initial market, dividing the demographic further into the seperate styles of freeride, freestyle, and freecarve/race will not be beneficial. The subcultures involved in snowboarding are not far removed from each other with many crossovers even in major competitions. However, as Australia won gold in the halfpipe, any focus will be in that direction.
As snowboarding is predominantly a winter sport, the focus will be on winter or snow gear. However snowboarding apparel and accessories for both summer and winter will be included in the product line.
The general environmental ideal of 'keep it clean' will be an underlying theme while the more predominant theme will be equality in sports and a 'girls can do anything/do your best' idea.
Style will be borrowed from both Japanese Manga (particularly chibi style) and more simplified brush/line drawing.
Cute or kitch will feature heavily with cartoonish characters/animals and graphics of flowers/stars/sparkles.
Aboriginal style art will also be added for emphasis of Australian culture.
Images of quokkas will be incorporated into designs to a greater or lesser degree.
Colours to be used will vary greatly depending upon product. However a range of pinks, purples and whites will be used primarily with a complementing pallette of neutrals - cream, beige, brown, black.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Quokka is a strong, dynamic surf brand specifically marketed towards males of the Generation Y surfing culture.

Quokka celebrates the beautiful Australian coastlines, spectacular beaches and surfing hotspots. This is reflected in a logo with clean fluid lines that represent rolling waves in a distinguishable letter Q.

Tying in with a love of the ocean, Quokka supports environmental consciousness. With this in mind, bamboo will be the base material used for all of the products e.g. clothing and surfboards. Flower images are used to represent the beauty of our unspoilt environment.

Surfing has many sub-cultures and surfers often become territorial about their specified surfing locations – this often causes conflict in the water. The brand - Quokka rejects this type of behavior and supports surfing as an inclusive leisure sport that welcomes all unique cultures and traditions. No matter where a surfer comes from they are all bound by their hunt for the perfect wave and their love of the ocean.

The inspiring theme will be skeletons. This will highlight an indirect statement of non-racism and acceptance of all people within the surfing culture. Although surfing is very competitive amongst many individuals, surfing in Australian oceans are open to everyone.

All of Quokka designs will be marketed towards free surfers incorporating the bright colours of yellow, red, green, orange, purple and blue with the style influence of Pop-Art (brightness and accessibility to all). The most popular surfing season is clearly summer however as the Australia climate is perfect for water sports most of the year round, so bright colours will be used for summer, spring and autumn.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

ROXY: Profile on My Brand HUEY

I have chosen to use the word HUEY for my assignment. I like the idea behind the meaning of word and felt I had potential to do well using this concept behind my designs.

I am aiming my target market for my designs to be for males aged 15 - 30, tweens to Generation X.

The seasons I have chosen to do my designs for are Summer Winter.

Some cultural influences I may use for my designs include:
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Pop culture
  • Desert culture
I want to use:
  • Blues
  • Purples
  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Oranges
  • Greens
  • Yellows
  • Gold
  • Silver

Friday, April 23, 2010

200wd profile on your brand

Select one of the following 5 names :
there are other meanings besides those listed
1. Huey (God who creates surf (waves, and associated conditions, generally used humorously
The spilt milk would be offered as a gift to Surf God Huey who would surely reward our kindness with sick waves)
2. Spray ( a quantity of small objects flying through the air)
3. Antacid (a substance that exerts some cause or effect)
4. Fall line (The natural line of descent, as for skiing, between two points on a slope. or a geomorphological inconsistency)
5. Quokka (an aboriginal name for a type of wallaby)

After choosing a potential name. You are to make a post of minimum 200 words that states the name selected defines and describes your potential target market.
Describe the part of the subculture you are appealing to.e.g. Surfing, Skateboarding or Snowboarding. Further define e.g if surfing - Mal Riders, Grommets, free surfing, tow surfing etc 

Gender Select a market to design for

  • male 
  • female
Age group Select a market to design for
  • new borns
  • children 
  • tweens 
  • teens 
  • gen y 
  • gen x 
  • baby boomers 
  • seniors

What other subcultural influences will be borrowed from eg emo, ballroom dancing, hot rods cars, psychobilly, cos play etc

Are there any environmental issues a concern eg. Clean seas, climate change, anti nuclear, ceteans

Colour palette please list

What symbols may be used

Are there any pollitical or social awareness issues you want to address? eg black rights, land rights, register to vote, surf rage?

What are the style Influences? eg surrealism, pop, art deco, op neo tribalism, gothic, Japanese ukiyo prints, etc 

What are the inspiring themes? eg tiki culture, florals, manga, retro pinups, Hawaiian shirts, burlesque, cars, maps, tattoo, chemistry etc.