Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fallline - Nicky

Surfers choose to be as close to their environment as possible – to be immersed in it, to play in it, to celebrate its forms and freedoms. Not many people get to connect with nature this closely. For this reason we believe surf clothing should be similarly conscious of the environment.

Fallline produces a range of environmentally friendly surf wear for women in tune with themselves and nature. We use only organic cotton, soy and bamboo fibres to reduce water usage and eliminate chemical waste. Low-impact fiber-reactive dyes are used creating less waste water runoff and therefore a lower impact on the environment.

Fallline appeals to generation X women who are interested in mind, body, spirit balance and who wish to live a connected, peaceful life. Our target market is likely to practice yoga, visit naturopaths, buy organic food and make environmentally driven choices in day to day life.

Choosing Fallline is not a radical ‘anti’ statement but simply a natural and effortless move towards sustainable living. It is the choice of the conscious consumer wishing to live in grace with the world. It is the holistic choice for surf clothing.

The style is sporty but feminine, graceful and elegant. Images used are simple but beautiful and inspired by Chinese ink drawings and nature. This season’s range is autumn and the key colours used are charcoal, indigo, olive, cream and occasional scarlet.

The ripples of your decisions in life touch everything around you. Choose kindly.

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  1. Like you said Nicky, my Male Fall line and your Female Fall Line should definately go on a date!