Friday, April 23, 2010

200wd profile on your brand

Select one of the following 5 names :
there are other meanings besides those listed
1. Huey (God who creates surf (waves, and associated conditions, generally used humorously
The spilt milk would be offered as a gift to Surf God Huey who would surely reward our kindness with sick waves)
2. Spray ( a quantity of small objects flying through the air)
3. Antacid (a substance that exerts some cause or effect)
4. Fall line (The natural line of descent, as for skiing, between two points on a slope. or a geomorphological inconsistency)
5. Quokka (an aboriginal name for a type of wallaby)

After choosing a potential name. You are to make a post of minimum 200 words that states the name selected defines and describes your potential target market.
Describe the part of the subculture you are appealing to.e.g. Surfing, Skateboarding or Snowboarding. Further define e.g if surfing - Mal Riders, Grommets, free surfing, tow surfing etc 

Gender Select a market to design for

  • male 
  • female
Age group Select a market to design for
  • new borns
  • children 
  • tweens 
  • teens 
  • gen y 
  • gen x 
  • baby boomers 
  • seniors

What other subcultural influences will be borrowed from eg emo, ballroom dancing, hot rods cars, psychobilly, cos play etc

Are there any environmental issues a concern eg. Clean seas, climate change, anti nuclear, ceteans

Colour palette please list

What symbols may be used

Are there any pollitical or social awareness issues you want to address? eg black rights, land rights, register to vote, surf rage?

What are the style Influences? eg surrealism, pop, art deco, op neo tribalism, gothic, Japanese ukiyo prints, etc 

What are the inspiring themes? eg tiki culture, florals, manga, retro pinups, Hawaiian shirts, burlesque, cars, maps, tattoo, chemistry etc.

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