Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fall Line

I have chosen the name 'Fall Line' which will be for a surf brand with a target market of older, environmentally and socially conscious males. I imagine the market for this brand will be the relaxed spiritually and politically aware Byron type who sees surfing as something akin to meditation and connection with nature.

Surfing as a religion has been explored by people like Nat Young and Bron Taylor. After researching their writing, perhaps I will incorporate some of their concepts into this brand.

Due to the market and the preferences of the client it is important that the clothing for this brand be locally made, and will use environmentally safe materials.

The brand will focus on Spring and Summer Clothes and the colours will be calm and neutral, creating a point of difference in a market where bright colours often dominate. The neutral colours will also balance out some bold environmental slogans which may be incorporated into T'shirt designs. These messages will address environmental issues, particulary in relation to the ocean; Global Warming, Ocean Acidification, Whaling, Marine Parks, Over Fishing, Oil Spills and Ocean pollution, etc.

Symbols used may include Whales, Planets and Australian Coastal Trees like Casurinas and Sheoaks. Other symbolism created from photographs taken at the coast.

Style influences will include Contemporary Drawing, Botanical Illustrations, Permaculture, Contemporary 'green' design (from various products and magazines like 'Green Pages' and Festival design.

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