Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Penny: Quokka

Australia has a relatively young snow scene and is therefore a relatively open market. Internationally this market is already well tapped into, even the less popular demographic of 5-15 yrs girls. However with the recent Olympic's win and the huge increase in popularity of the sport, particularly in this demographic, the target market for the product will be snowboarding girls between the ages of 5 and 15.
With the relatively small initial market, dividing the demographic further into the seperate styles of freeride, freestyle, and freecarve/race will not be beneficial. The subcultures involved in snowboarding are not far removed from each other with many crossovers even in major competitions. However, as Australia won gold in the halfpipe, any focus will be in that direction.
As snowboarding is predominantly a winter sport, the focus will be on winter or snow gear. However snowboarding apparel and accessories for both summer and winter will be included in the product line.
The general environmental ideal of 'keep it clean' will be an underlying theme while the more predominant theme will be equality in sports and a 'girls can do anything/do your best' idea.
Style will be borrowed from both Japanese Manga (particularly chibi style) and more simplified brush/line drawing.
Cute or kitch will feature heavily with cartoonish characters/animals and graphics of flowers/stars/sparkles.
Aboriginal style art will also be added for emphasis of Australian culture.
Images of quokkas will be incorporated into designs to a greater or lesser degree.
Colours to be used will vary greatly depending upon product. However a range of pinks, purples and whites will be used primarily with a complementing pallette of neutrals - cream, beige, brown, black.

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