Saturday, May 1, 2010

ANTACID Extreme sports snowboaring brand

Antacid Is an extreme sports snow boarding brand. We are a bunch of adrenalin junkies who love to get out into nature and have loads of fun. We have a great respect and love for the world we live and play in and seek to push ourselves to new limits in our sport without damaging or causing destruction in any way to the environment as we go.

As the sport of snow boarding has grown in popularity in recent years we have been saddened to see that boarding is often stereotyped as a rebellious and thoughtless subculture. We have noticed a growing disrespect by young people towards the environment, other skiers and boarders and increase in ‘slope rage’ (intimidation and bullying on the slopes). We have also noted that this modeling by older snowboarders is having a negative effect on young upcoming snow boarders.

With all this in mind the team at ANTACID have decided to release a new range of snow boarding gear targeted at 8-13 year old boys and girls. The banding of this new rang will be fun and light hearted but also have an educational component attached to it. The values of fun, love and respect for the environment and each other will be the focus of this educational component.

Target Market
8-13 year old Boys and girls.

Focus on winter clothing but also clothing such as t-shirts and shorts that can be worn in all seasons

Sub culture
Young Snowboarders

Environmental issues
Global warming, littering, saving heritage areas

Snow/ Snow flakes

Colour Pallet
Colour rang varies depending on clothing item

Political or social awareness issues to address:
Antacid means 'a substance that exerts some cause or effect'. The idea behind this is working together we can cause and effect change in our world and make a difference. Also ants are small but together they do big things. Together we can make a difference in the world around us.
Fair trade and enviro friendly fibres etc

Style Influences/Inspiring themes:
Pictoplasma/ Manga animation

Interactive Web site with games characters and info about the environment etc

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